Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wide Angle

 Took the wide angle lens out yesterday instead of the long one. I was hoping to try and fluke my way into getting a shot of a flying grasshopper, but it did not work. At all. The scenery out the back field was nice though and there were a few unharvested oat stalks to give a foreground... then Meg so kindly obliged with her stance. I liked how I could get the clouds and the land to expose properly. Straight from the camera with the 18-70mm lens.
This one I thought of on Monday but only had my long lens with me. There is some shoulder-high grass by the beaver pond in the field behind the house. To get this one I had to lie down on my back and shoot up. I think I rotated this to make it look like the grass was in front of me, but nothing else. Again shot with the 18-70mm lens.