Thursday, December 7, 2017

Foggy Morning

 Some photos from yesterday - it has been foggy lately and I tend to take photos on my typical morning walk so its not always easy to find any interesting subjects. I hopped the fence I normally turn at to check out some tracks in the back quarter so there was a lot more untouched snow. Meg was checking for mice by shoving her head in the snow, so I took a few shots of her - intentionally blowing out the whites of the snow. She came out well exposed and sharp and her behaviour is amusing so it makes the top of today's post. Only cropped this one.

 A bit of a repeat subject-wise from a recent post but more frost and a brighter background. This was shot with my 70-300mm lens, so also a little different that way. I liked how the frost looked like the spray-on stuff they sell to make your Christmas tree look like ... well this I guess. The real deal. I increased the shadows a touch and sharpened it a little bit to get the needles to pop that little bit more.

And a shot from the back quarter showing the general weather. It didn't clear up all day. I increased the shadows a bit, without clearing up the the overall foggy feel from the real deal. A wide angle lens might have done this more justice, but you make do with what you can carry in addition to a 3 month old child under your jacket.